“My son started at Mandy Ellen performing arts school, in October 2015. The school came highly recommended by a friend and has a fantastic reputation in the Maidstone. My son was going through a very hard time. The transition from primary school to secondary school was having a negative effect on him, so I wanted to give him something positive to focus on. His new peer group were making him feel abnormal and teased him because of his love of dance, drama and singing. He was becoming increasingly down and stressed with the school environment and even said he felt “abnormal”. As a parent, this was heart breaking. I got in touch with Mandy, via her Facebook page. Mandy responded straight away and I immediately felt at ease. She came across as friendly and very approachable.

My son started his first musical theatre class, extremely nervous and almost in tears, but Mandy was at the door to greet him and reassured him that he would be fine. When I collected him from the class 2 hours later, he had the biggest smile on his face and said he couldn’t wait to go back. After 3 lessons, he was invited to be part of a show and we attended as a family. He sang a group song, then sat in the audience with us, to watch the rest of the performances. We were absolutely blown away by the standard of the dancing and the warmth felt in the room.

The dancers showed a huge amount of respect towards Mandy and each other, it was clear that every single child was passionate about what they were doing. My son turned to me that evening and said “I could never dance like that mum” 5 months later, he now attends ballet, contemporary, junior performers and musical theatre. He has been entered into numerous competitions and we are so excited to see him perform this year. The opportunities that have opened up to him are amazing. He has developed at a very fast pace and his future looks so promising, he is already talking about attending the college when he leaves school. The balance of discipline and encouragement from Mandy and her teachers is perfect, he’s never missed a class and he can’t wait to attend his lessons. He practices at home, sets himself targets and won’t give up until he succeeds.

He is more confident, believes in himself and no longer says “I can’t do that”. He is also learning valuable life skills, organising himself for lessons, making sure he has everything he needs for his classes and even gets the bus on his own after school, to some of his lessons. Something he wouldn’t have contemplated a few months ago! From a mothers point of view, I feel like enrolling my son at Mandy Ellen performing arts school, was the best thing I’ve ever done for him. He is reaching his potential as a performer, in a nurturing and encouraging environment, faster than I could ever imagine.

The confidence he has found is helping him in all aspects of his life, he has the strength to overcome difficult situations at school and he finally feels like he fits in somewhere. He calls it his second home, I really couldn’t ask for more. I’m also finding myself getting involved with fundraising events and social events, because I want to support the school in any way possible. I would recommend Mandy Ellen performing arts school to anyone who is looking for a high quality, friendly dance school for their child.“

- Steve McCoy



“I have been dancing at Mandy Ellen performing arts for over four years and throughout that time I have improved greatly and made excellent friends. I cannot thank Mandy Ellen performing arts enough for the incredible opportunities they have provided me with, such as competing in dance competitions nationwide and even the chance to dance in competitions abroad.

I have loved every minute of my journey with Mandy Ellen performing arts and cannot wait for the next four years!”

Emily Lloyd


“I’m not exaggerating when I say that MEPA has changed my daughter’s life.  It’s not just the fantastic teaching or the great variety of classes; it’s about the hard work and dedication of Mandy Ellen and her team who all have that certain something that sets them apart from the rest. They have inspired and motivated my daughter and given her the skills and confidence to achieve things she never thought possible.  So thank you Mandy – MEPA is the best!”

Linda Moreau 


“My daughter has been dancing at Mandy Ellen Performing arts for five years now, I’ve watched her grow up from a shy timid 4 year old to a beautiful confident 9 year old dancer. Mandy and all staff at MEPA have shown amazing support and have always supported her every step of the way. Her journey has been amazing with so many opportunities and to see my daughter living her dream is priceless. There are so many dance schools around my local area but we chose to go a little further due to Mandy Ellen’s high reputation as a dance school and I’m pleased to say I’ve never looked back with any regrets.

Mandy Ellen has always put her students best interests first and as a parent this is a quality that’s hard to find its comforting knowing that when I leave her at the studios she is always in safe hands. My daughter has also gained the knowledge and importance of healthy eating and exercise and how to work as part of a team.”

Natasha Lee 


“My Daughter has attending Mandy Ellen studios for nearly 6 years, and in them 6 years she has grown not only in confidence but in talent.

When we first started there we heard other students talk about “Mandy Ellen family” or “MEPA family” we never knew what that meant or how this could be! But over the years being here we are now proud to say that we are part of the MEPA family!

Mandy is a passionate teacher, who puts 110% into everything and gets amazing results from all students whether it’s their dance exam results or competition awards.

Children love her, parents believe in her, other dance teachers look up to her.

Every year we have been with MEPA gets better and better,  the passion, and hard work Mandy and her students puts in is shown at many competitions and dance shows.”

Donna Garratt 

“Two years ago. My daughter, Eden, was considering her GCSE options.  She had enjoyed dance at school but was struggling with technique, fitness and hip/knee pain: it was recommended she started ballet. Eden attended a taster session at MEPA and loved it. She has not looked back. Dance is now, undoubtedly,  the biggest part of her life. Her technique and strength is evident whenever she dances and she has loved the belonging she has felt amongst the teachers and dancers at MEPA.  She has been inspired by the students of the MEPA College and the successes of her peers at the dance school.  The facilities and teaching at MEPA are clearly outstanding and we are grateful that this school has been so welcoming and beneficial to Eden.”

Bex Moody


 “Mandy Ellen has been like a second family to Katie since the age of 3 years old when she started baby ballet. She was very shy when she started and with the nurturing from the lovely teachers at Mandy Ellen she has learned to be brave and overcome her shyness. Musical theatre has particularly helped her with this. Katie has had so many wonderful opportunities which Mandy has provided and I have proudly watched her shine with her team at a wide variety of competitions which the performers groups have won. Let’s face it dancing on a London stage in front of a panel of judges is amazing experience for anyone! Being part of the Mandy Ellen family is the best thing and I know because of Mandy and her team and all she has learned not just with dancing, acting and (thankfully) singing she will flourish to become a lovely adult guided by her.

Thanks Mandy and the team”

Claire Ross

"When my daughters started at mandy ellen performing arts, they were quiet, shy, introverted girls. They have blossomed into self-confident, talented young ladies who love to dance and perform. This is all down to the teachers and their personal touch with the children. You are more than a number at mepa! my daughters had the opportunity to join the performing teams where they have flourished- competing and performing in solo, duos, and group routines. You couldn't ask for a better place for your child to grow, learn and develop a love for singing, dance and performing! mepa truly is a family... Supporting the children in all things."

Jennifer Casey, parent of Ciaragh and Aoife

"Mandy ellen performing arts provides excellent opportunities for young people from industry professionals. The family-friendly feel provides a welcoming haven for dancers to refine skills in a nurturing way. Our son began dancing at the school three years ago and in this time he has made astounding progress. It's inspiring to watch him perform on stage and see the innovative dance routines choreographed by the extremely talented teachers. Expectations are high and teachers enforce a strong drive to succeed. We are incredibly grateful to mandy and the team for the amazing opportunities our son has had. We look forward to seeing him grow and develop."

Leila winter, parent of Leo

"I would highly recommend mepa to all children and adults with the desire to persue a career in dance or who just enjoy dancing. They will not be disappointed. My daughter joined the mepa family at the age of 6. The mepa school has a very friendly atmosphere and performs at many local community cents including an annual show every year also they compete at many places. The professionalism and commitment of the teachers drives their pupils to achieve their personal goals within the dance school. My daughter has grown into a confident and enthusiastic dancer. Mandy and all the staff at mepa have shown amazing support and have always supported my daughter every step of the way. Her journey has been amazing with so many opportunities. Mandy ellen has always put her students best interests first. Mepa inspires and motivates children to bring out and show their amazing talent. So happy to be apart of the mepa family. Thank you to mandy ellen and all the staff at mepa."

Munevver Savell, parent of Elissa

"Mepa is an amazing dance school that has had an incredible impact on both me and my daughter over many years. The students get so many additional opportunities ranging from competitions to showcases and photo shoots just to name a few. These have been so enriching and have enabled my daughter to develop not only her dance technique but also her character and confidence. The teachers are caring and approachable but are most of all passionate about dance and this shines through in everything they do. In addition, the facilities are fantastic and are in a central maidstone town location. It may sound like a cliche but it's true- mepa really is a dance family and my daughter loves to attend classes there. We cannot wait for what the future holds and the exciting opportunities it will bring."

"My boys have attended mepa for the last few years and have never looked back. They tried football and other sports but just wanted to dance. Being boys they were nervous about 'dancing' but they started in an hour street class once a week to give it a try! they came out that first week so enthusiastic upon seeing how amazing the other students were, they were inspired to join the performer classes which compete in lots of fun competitions and win lots of awards whilst enjoying themselves. This has given them so much confidence with performing as well as learning about the importance of team work and supporting one another on and off stage. They have also been fortunate to take part in ballet/contemporary classes that mandy has set up just for boys to improve their technique alongside their other classes. Its good that they have the option to be in a boys only class and feel more comfortable to express themselves. The whole team at mepa are professional and highly talented with lots of experience in the performing arts industry and are fantastic teachers. One of my children has additional needs but the team have been patient and encouraged him to work hard and he has flourished and gained so much from the classes. They have all made new freinds, new skills, and love being part of the dance family. We love watching their confidence grow. If anyone has a son or daughter thinking of joining the school, i highly recommend it!"

Lisa Minnis, parent of Josh and Ethan